Some lovely comments from the lovely audience…..

-Delightful fun, felt like I was 8 years old and experiencing my first magical adventure!

-Wow!  The atmosphere was incredible and each path really created its own world – I could believe I have travelled across continents tonight.

-What an exciting experience – it was brilliant!  Never been to anything like it before – excellent!

-This is perhaps the most wonderful piece of theatre I’ve experienced.  I was on the edge of tears numerous times.  Please, please let me be a part of whatever you might do after this.  I’m not really good at remembering names and lines but i’ll do what I can; it is the only way I can think to go on living when no one else I know knows anything like this and I am quite powerless to describe it to them.

-I’ve never experienced anything like this before but would love to again.  I feel so much better than before I came in.

-Throwing paint should be done more in theatre.

-North, south, east and west which is the one I like best?  Wow!

-Visually sensational.  We loved it and the baby was mesmerised.  Superb.

-Loved it.  Loved it.  Loved it.  Fantastic, amazing, what a journey – thank you.

-Fan-freaking-tastic!!  Saturday nights will never be the same again.  Brilliant!!


So, by now Light Night is over and so is The Crossing. We had a great 3 days of performances, packed out with audience and some really good responses to the work. I think it’s safe to say that everyone involved has really enjoyed being part of such an ambitious and diverse project. Talking to different members of the company today during the get-out there was a large sense of ‘what do I do now…!’ as it’s been a big part of all our lives for the last few weeks!

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We have been working in the space for 3 days now, the place is starting to take shape. Things are being hung from the ceiling and there’s building going on everywhere you look. Have look at the progress…..

Today was the beginning of our get-in for The Crossing! With less than a week to go until Light Night there is a big space to clear. There was a lot of work going on high above the floor with scaffolding to hang things from the ceiling. Quite a lot of DIY too, making a few freestanding doors from scratch.

We are already quite impressed with the natural skill and craftsmanship that has emerged from the group!

Some snapshots of Thursday night’s rehearsal. It was great to see everyone’s individual pieces, especially the performers who are using puppets as most of the puppets were also present.

A few photos of the preparation work ready for the get-in of The Crossing, busy little bees making the puppets and parts of the set.

We’re getting closer and closer to Light Night now and the day of performance. Things are getting exciting with the beginning of production week at the weekend when the designers will have the chance to set up and create the space for The Crossing. Technical rehearsal and dress rehearsal will give us the first chance to look at how all the different parts that everyone’s worked so hard on come together.

We hope to see you there!


No booking required

Pick up point- Victoria Gardens, outside the Henry Moore Institute

The Boat will run from 5.50 to 8.50


Booking is recommended as tickets are limited

Phone 0113 245 4700 to book

Pick up point- Headingley Taps, North Lane, LS6 3GH

The Boat will run from 6.50 to 8.50